CityRail South – Evelyn Kandris

Thirroul Station
Round brown paper bag
and crumbs in week-old cheek scruff.
Birds keep flying on.
Scarborough Station
Chug through knotted clouds
‘til ocean meets the mountain.
Just beyond our reach.
Coalcliff Station
Electric wire eaves
border the charcoal giants.
Black lungs’ rasping cough.
Stanwell Park Station
Spray-paint sign-offs and
subways of graffiti dreams.
Broccoli hillsides.
Otford Station
Fire-scarred trunks and
aged gums like dead deer antlers.
Ghosts sing in the south.
Helensburgh Station
Stairs that lead to God,
vines veining across the rock.
Crimson-mottled cliffs.
Railway Tunnel
Glass becomes mirror;
staring into tired eyes.

Hear a world scream past.