City View – Angelene Karas

Watching the view from the glass pane,

causes the transparency to filter reality.

Staring from the distance,

the separation of truth

leads into clouded illusions.

Embracing the haunted thought

of what could be if its secrets were sought.

The plain grey beauty illuminated by the daylight,

turns into mystery as soon as the

lights spark, connoting disappearance

at the ending of another day.

Up close, it tells a different story.

I begin to fathom how the superb

view I see from 177 is

infested by rodents who damage it.

Surrounded by people who want to change its intent,

altering the area for the better.

I often think about my walk to 583.

I fear that the beauty will damage my inhibition.

That is why I absorb the naivety.