City exit / City exist – Dennis Garvey

(hushed tones)

this is where the wealth (old money) lives
mansions stepping down to the Swan
own jetties pleasure craft tied to private wharves
blocking public access to foreshores
hunting grounds well blackened through eons
high walled security gated fortresses
perfectly cadenced and alert to danger
diarrhea of the great unwashed denied the river
annual riots of colour in manicured gardens
logorrhea of the rearticulated backyard blitz
bird warfare among spasmodic natives
singing of the green green grass of home
all exits and entrances and existences
opening and closing automatically
controlled by touch and sound sensors
walls and doors and windows responding
changing shape size and colour
changing guard
depending on lock look glance accent
tone of voice of high powered vehicles
high seated high and mighty power parking
amid the midst of a shopping centre
forum where all are welcome all equal
to monopoly board land transactions