Centralian Senior College – Student Poems (Yr 10, Group 2)

by Jackson
I’m peeking down the grassy field
The sun, is blazing down like a volcano
I shove my hand into my quiver
Hoping to pull out a winning arrow
I align my sight
And focus on my target like a puma stalks its prey
My hand is shaking
I take a deep breath
And shoot through the breathing wind
The arrow soars through the air
Slicing it on its way the target
The arrow pierces through the center ring
Hitting the backboard viciously with the force of a thousand punches.
I am speechless
My final thoughts rest in my mind
by Keiha
Squishy, flaccid bag
The luminosity caught my eye
Laying on the kitchen bench
Ripped open when hunger strikes
The BBQ smell makes my nose tingle
Like a field of sunflowers
Thin, crunchy, sweet and mouthwatering
Flavor sticking to my fingers
Reminding me of a Sunday feast
Deafening crunches
Unhealthy yet delicious
Hunger drifting away
Scared for Life
by Keiha
Strange hands grab me
Sling me in a sheet
Everything familiar gone
My stuffed moose lies left on the floor
No goodbyes or I love yous
I grew up being abused
Wire burns, jumper lead scars
Hammered and wrenched like a toy with no worth
These people weren’t my loved ones
This pain wasn’t deserved
The tears no-one saw
15 years later
Tears still falling
Pain still felt
Death was waiting for me
Crashing Spaceship
by Kayle E.
I looked at the sky
I saw a spaceship
Heading to the airport
Its not gonna make it
The pilots panicked
Wings are burning
The wind against them
The nose is turning
The power went out
They’re flying blind
They’re pretty close
Just two miles out
They made it to the airport
They crash landed
The spaceship hit the ground
They finally landed
The Disappearing Sun
by Cohen R.
As the sun slowly descends
Into the cold, hard earth
The skies above become dark
as if it were hiding from something
with the sun out of sight
the world ices over
wind biting into my skin
raising goose bumps on my arms
out of nowhere
slowly ascending to the place  where the sun once hung
the moon, creamy and bright
shines across the land