Centralian Senior College – Student Poems (Yr 10, Group 1)

Gold key
by Rhiannon M.
A key
And a love heart
With tiny diamonds
Crystal pink
And Gold
like a brand new 2-dollar coin
Like a blossomed pink flower
a small gold & pink lady bug
Twinkles and sparkles
with joy
in the sun
Come join me
We’ll join my star sisters
They light up the sky
Like diamonds in a jewelry store
My nana gave it to me
The key to her heart
She’s passed on now
I was 9
The feeling of happiness
Feelings changed
towards my nana
we became closer
when she put the pendent
in my hand
I looked at things differently, maybe she cared
I keep it in my jewelry box
A Memory
by Rhiannon M.
Eyes popping out of my
Head like a frog
It was as if everyone
Was on mute
I watched you clench
And tighten your fingers
All I heard was the
Sound of a golf ball
Getting hit
I felt as if there
Were no sun
Dream Rider
by Kiri M.
Blue Pegasus
Home made
With a yellow
Blanket stitch
Only two legs
Two wings
As big
As my palm
Blue as
The day sky
Made roughly
About seven years ago
Old and worn out
Bright yellow
Mustard stitch
The size
Of a small box
Shape of
A butterfly
Soft as
A child’s hand
Blue fairy floss
Like a jumping mouse
My grandmothers love
Joy of my childhood
Dream rider
Lets get some fairy floss
And fly away
She taught me
How to bring it
To life.
Can’t sleep
by Kiri M.
My eyes were closed
But my mind was awake
I couldn’t sleep
Twisting and turning
My back was sore
My neck was burning
So many things on my mind
It was dark
All I could see was black
Clock was ticking
Tick tock
The noise got louder
And louder
And louder
Pillow over my head
Trying to escape the noises
The wind was blowing
Like a hurricane
I try to sleep
I can’t sleep
Last Seen Grandma
by Billy L.
The last glance
I laid upon her
Her last words that she said to me
She gave me a glass bottle
Scaled like a dragon on three sides
Smooth as a blanket on the other
Its diamond shaped lid
Sparkles in the light
The only thing that reminds me of her
It’s like my portal
My portal to the past
Every night she comes to me
In my dreams
She talks to me
Reminds me of the past
Tells me to let go
It’s hard enough
But I did
I still have this
This glass bottle reminds me of her
That’s all I need
So I let go
And focused on the future
Story of the Beginning
by Billy L.
The freeness of the land
Nothing to hold you back
A cool breeze on this hot summer day
Cattle and horses roaming the land
Getting stared down by the foxes
But they don’t care
Packs are too strong
Moving in the grass
Silent as a mouse
But they are scared
So they leave
Going down the road
Bull dust leaving the ground
You come to the door
And the day has ended
Beyond the Gates
by Bradley P.
Falling into
The dark black morgue
Inevitable force of gravity
Pulling me
Forwards, towards
The haunting lingering gates
The arms of a mother
Reaching out
Water dripping
From river ends
Darkness from hates
Smell of love
I lay
On a meadow of
Turning into
Thorns of roses
Blood trickled
Tap faucets
Water pausing
In the air
I started crying
I realized this
Is my life
$29.95 Lipstick
by Bradley P.
The lipstick
Daily war paint
The challenges
Applying the cream
And color wheels
My way to see…
by Cecilia P.
I was thirteen years old
I become blind
To see through the glass
It was sliver and brown
Chess squares that reminded me of a key
The key to see
Been there through thick and thin
Helping me
Remembering one special person
My nana
Seeing her smile when she sees her family
Without them, I’m in a dark room
Hurting my eyes
I found my friend
Everything that was blurry became clear
The glass is magical
I cannot survive without it.
My saddest day…
by Cecilia P.
The sound of people gathering
To be seated in a holy room
Dressed in your favorite colour purple.
As I wipe my eyes
It felt like a piece of my heart was taken away.
by Kayemeshia K.
Means the world to me
1999, Adelaide park
Days were sunny, always warm
My daddy and his number one girl
As simple as an ID card
But as special as a piece of memory
Something I’ll never forget
Something I’ll always cherish
Memory waiting to be remembered
I’ve grown up but the memories haven’t
A friendship between a father and daughter
Forever means forever.
Champion, 2012
by Kayemeshia K.
My heart pounding
I hear thump, thump and thump
The crowd roaring
It’s all up to me
Ball is now in my hand
Freaking out, paranoid
I pass it off
I get it back
In the circle
Clock is ticking
I go for goal
Crowd stops, curiously waiting
We won.
by Ned B.
In a lonely factory
Under immense heat
And pressure
Modern perfection
Work of art
No imperfections
Like a god
From a
Small piece
Of metal
Came this
Work of
Fine engineering
Age 10
Was when I
First met you
Since then
I have been
You are like a bull terrier
Small, snappy, powerful
A drum
A hammer
A work of art
Valve cutouts
Hard cold metal
Like running your hand
On a car bonnet
From silent
To 12,000 revolutions
In 10 seconds
Power Catcher
Power Rider
“If you look after me,
I will give you power”
It says to me
“Respect me”
No scars
No damage
Or imperfections
Crazy Kids
by Sherrika G.
They drive me crazy everyday
They scream all the time.
They scream about Lollies, they can’t have.
Red licorice is there favourite
and red snakes, green snakes, yellow snakes
Chuppachups, strawberry and cream.
They scream about money, lollie money.
Maybe they’re just bored.
But they laugh a lot of the time
But mostly at my dad
And at funny things that he says.
The Round Box
by Sherrika G.
Like a toy drum or wheel
Like the skin on my grandmothers hand
Smooth like nail varnish
Brown paper bag, card board
Round like a turtle, smooth like the turtles belly
Both have patterns, both could snap at your fingers
Hard to find when you want it
Jewelry box
Keeper of small things
Small banging objects bang bang bang
Found in the rubbish dump
Happy, I’ve been happier since I got the box
Keep it on a shelf
Keep it away from kids
Can take you to another world
sister would love it.
Silver Cross
by Tianndra C.
Silver cross fake diamond
Unlock memories from the past
Shinny like a star in the distance
Rough as my spiky hat
Quiet as a hermit crab
Small as a mouse
Forever in my heart
Pop’s in there
Still with me
4 years with it and
Many more to come
Always in the family and
Always in the salt and vinegar chips.
Rich Memory
by Tianndra C.
It was like he couldn’t breathe
It was like he couldn’t see
I touched his little hand
I kissed his little head
Even though he`s okay now
When I look at him I still see what happened
I have never seen him so white
Almost like a sheet of paper
Still when I close my eyes to go to sleep
I see like it was still happening
I wake up screaming
I wake up crying
I wish it were me
He was only 1
Soccer Ball
by Bryan M.
When I first kicked the ball
It was strong
Hexagon shapes
You could kick it
As far
As you want
I keep it in my house
My secret talismanic object
It is the way
It looks
How it feels
When I play
Or practice
It feels like I
Could do anything
Sticky like rubber
Good grip
Round ball
Like rubber
It grips
In your hand
Like a cheetah
It can go
Really fast
It can fly
Like an eagle
Helps me think
And dream
It gives me courage
To achieve
My goals
Work hard focus
Your dreams
Discipline respect
On a bad day
It’s special
by Kimia J.
I wait for the shine
To flow
Through my fingertips
I wait for the audience
To be blinded
By my strength
I am the artist
In the game I play
I fight the competitor
Inside me
My tender pride
Engraved in rusty silver steel
My trophy
I become
The reflection
Of superior
Only to become
Hungry for it again
by Kimia J.
Summer vanished,
A monsoon rushed in
With the gust
Through my front door
Silence throbbing
In my head
Memories plunging
Into the nameless 
I was lost with affliction
The preying monster
Hidden around faint corners
Ready to grip me
By the skin of my throat
My body frigid
From the lost presence of my soul
Four white walls
Light closing in
Leaving shadows of pain
I was an empty temple
Sailing through
A current
Without the bow of a ship
I am left to fight
For what is left of me
I suspend to these votive wreaths
of withered memory
My Bed
by Georgia W.
7 years, 7 years and still going
After a long tough day
I fall onto you, so comfy like falling onto sheep fur.
Falling into a cloud with a sigh of realise.
My feet are free from the hard ground I’ve been walking over all day.
Falling onto purple sheets that are a mess but it doesn’t bother me it still keeps me comfortable.
The times where you’ve soaked up my tears and anger from my face
The times I’ve been lonely and the pillow has been too
Together we cuddle and not so lonely anymore.
It may not have a heart beat but it’s soft and I can pretend.
You’ve been with me through all the bad times but
You’ve always been through the good also.
My bed is like a magic carpet that takes me to a different place every sleep
Somewhere magical and somewhere happily to escape from reality
My bed has helped me in so many ways.
My Watch
by Tyler H.
Camo green
Chrome shining
Like a spoon
Shining in the sun
It’s a swimmer
Up to 20 meters in water
It is a god
In the sun
by Tyler H.
The start of the race
A humungous roar
Like 1000 tigers
You drive onto the track
And see
The dirt and the wet
Soaked mud
You start
Spiting mud
Wheels spinning
The flag drops
And you go
Like there is no tomorrow
The Arrival of Autumn
by Deseree C. 
I heard screaming
Her face was bright red
The screaming felt like it was
going on forever
Nerves started to kick it
I started to get scared
Then I saw
The baby’s head
I’ve never been so
by Precious P.
The sound of departure
Planes starting up
Water falling down
On people’s faces
It hits
It’s time to let go   
The smell of a cold rainy day
About to explode
Like angels crying
The walk of a baby’s first step
The bright light ahead staring at me
Time going
As fast as a bullet
But never forgotten
by Precious P.
Stretches and adjusts
Two black rectangle beads
Far apart
Connected by circle beads
Seven beads
Black red black green black yellow
Then black again
The all black word
Samoa carved on it
Five colours
Green red yellow black and white
Similar to the colours
Of a Jamaican flag
Objects connected together
Into a circle
Rough rusty but shiny
Thick not thin
It tastes like a metal bond
Tying me to him
With me all the time
He’s one of a kind
Incomplete without it
As no one can touch it
He will always be with me
Comforting and happy
It’s him being there
Along the way
If I hold you tight and talk
Can he hear me a mile away?
The Shark Tooth
by Donna P.
Long lace hanging around your neck
The little shark tooth that faces the world
As white as a blank sheet of paper
As small as a thumbnail
Just the 3 small points will remind you of a triangle
The gum, rough
The tooth will cut you like a knife
Reminding you of the predator itself
As sharp as a shard of splintered glass,
A shark tooth
The big fish that bites
I hope you love and cherish this small gift
A small thank you
Leaves a smile
Brighter than the sun
“Is everything going to be okay?”
Of course it will
Because the shark tooth
Will stay with you
Until you choose to destroy me
The Bar
by Tori S.
Was nervous
Was scared
Could feel a needle
Painful but
Not too painful
At the same time
About to burst with
Terrified to
Death of the
Sharp needle
I heard pop
She was half way
She grabs the
Bar and gets
Prepared for
The swap
From the
Needle to the bar
Still in fear she
Does the swap
She pushes the
Bar through then
Screws the
Balls on
I’m done
I’ve survived the
Bar through my ear.
No pain no pricing
by Tori S.
Small latchet
Yellow gold & white gold
Love heart
Yellow like sun
Golden like a coin
Beautiful like
Wolfs eyes
On a pool of
Has a connection
Between the past
Present and
Key to the past can
Unlock hidden
May you bring?
Good or
Bad luck
Got to change a
Little to
Get a little
It sees the good
The bad
The evil
It has survived
The good
The bad
The evil