Bundanon Trust, 2012 – Student Poems

By Kyle F.
1. Swim in water/fresh or salt
4. It can vibrate
5. It can be soft
6. It can float
7. It can sink
8. It can make a noise
9. It can suspend
10. It can be any colour or colours

By Kyle F. 


I don’t know what to write, then I seen
this little cave that echoed every noise
in the forest like all the birds and animals
it is so peaceful and colourful at
the same time all the different reds and
oranges combined and mixed like it has been painted and then ran down
the limestone wall
By Nic G.
Protection for all of us
When doing something fun
Comfort when wearing it
Can stop light from the sun
It’s worn high on the body
And it is not so soft
It makes sure we don’t get hurt
So we don’t get put off
A touch with nature
By Nic G.
On the mossy stones I sit
In the forest
At nature’s tip
Listen to the birds I do
near the green
And you’re here too
The flapping wings of butterflies
The brown of bark
The blue of skies
I stop to look at any creature
See the world
by Isaac S.
The morning sky
however blue.
The sun shines bright
so much to do.
Close your eyes
clear your mind
and listen to the sounds around.
The birds so ever beautiful
singing loudly, cheeping too.
I open my eyes looking
noticing nobody’s around.
Walking around it seems clear
there’s so much to do and hear.


by Isaac S. 


out in the distance
on the horizon
I catch a glimpse
of a beautiful sight
many colours, look and see
I count, 7 is the number
there are more colours that I can see
I don’t know why this is
how a beautiful sight is formed
but what I can say, it’s there for all.
by Bethany B.
Birds chirping. Sun shining,
cool breeze, quiet as can be
Pen’s writing, fly’s buzzing, green
trees, long walks, leaves rustling,
People giggling as the moss
grows, we become older as time
ticks, time flies. Bluesky, bigrock,
by Bethany B.
as straight as can
be, all sorts of colours
not a scratch on it.
but sometimes pictures
like hearts, horses, horseshoes,
The Shadow
by Rochelle Taylor
Teeth chattering and roaring so fiercely
Boils and blemishes crawl out to my sight
Tall and misshapen like the bones of a skeleton
At the same time it related to the horror.
Death, I would say, would write a poem for it.
Hollow and yet full, snap! The spell is broken.
It’s just a tree…
by Rochelle Taylor
A stage of moss, trees and wind.
A choir of birds screaming to be heard.
Plenty enough to make sanity bend.
And then there is a strangers heard.
Separated from home and family.
Each bird and gust of wind with a different tune.
Rocks from above towering over so threateningly
The sun washing the serenity orange in noon.
Then there’s peace covering the voices,
Quieter they become as they drown in the sand.
Ears filled with natures and all its noises,
The moss and trees crawling over the ground.
On a hot Summer’s day
by Shannon
Little green suits,
with a pot of gold
that is always around clovers
mostly a myth but some think it real
you never know if he is real
and that is all you will ever know
Red hot
but men still try to tame
they risk their life
to save others from
this uncontrollable mess
but when rain comes it dies down
but tomorrow this force will be back
Moo Cow
by Emma G.
A Beautiful Bright White
horn, a silver mane and grey
coat runs across the
With whiskers as long as
your finger and stalks his
prey at night, when he jumps
he gives an awful fright.
by Emma G.
While we listen to people
talk as inspiration fills the
air, we look around
and see rocky landscape
then smile because of what we see.
As moss climbs and gathers on
the rocks and birds flying through
the sky, the sun sets
over the area. What a
beautiful sight to see.
by Shaun
Strangely the voices are bouncing off walls
the chirping birds basically harmonizing
Oh wait…what did he say…something about trains and their ways
Oh never mind, go and think about the word amp.
(…? hard to read) to the stones with green on the walls
That lies behind them, beauty or dying brown that appears without (..?)
by “Shauni”
Ravenously it picks at the mind
Implanting ideas of a new way to ponder
(Desperation?) masking its true meaning
Describing an object via thoughts out yonder
Lengthy sentences reverses its leaning
Erupting when every thing clicks
by Nathan
Pink in colour, odd in shape,
looks unnatural, tends to drape,
calmly swaying all day long,
whilst the breeze sins its gentle song,
ugly to us, vital to others,
this object belongs only to mothers.
by Melinda
Kinds running and playing
Parents gathering one by one
Smiles is all I see.
Fresh air filling up my lungs
Wind in my hair
As I go down the dirt track
The sun sets around me.
by Belinda
The smile on my friend’s faces
is like the smile on a kids face
on Christmas.
The birds chirping to the sound
of the leaves crunching under my feet.
My friend’s staring at me as I walk
through the tall, bushy trees
Rocks standing as high as the tree
tops while the bugs crawl beneath my
By Jayde
I’m fluttering, flowing
Dancing in the sky
I’m floating, falling
away in the sky
I float around, away from
the nightmares, and into
The dreams
I am good as day at times,
but I have feelings too.
I cry, I laugh, I smile.
I see a grassy place, full of
flowers. Butterflies.
I am as good as day at times
but you don’t know I have
feelings too.
by Jayde
As the birds chirps. The bags open.
Kangaroos hop around.
The people whisper,  the people stand.
The people look into tings, amazed
of what they can see.
As the birds chirp.
by Jayde
The leaves dance,the flies fly
The birds sing, the flies dive
Children (we..?), children run
The leaves dance in the sky,
The flies fly into the sky.
by Stuart
A group of students exploring literature
a deceptively harsh environment
High above birds sing and fly
Below is who knows what lies           
(? CUT OFF)  words entangle with nature
(?) creatures crawling and speaking
Trees scream with power
Humans silenced with beauty
overpowered by (?sparkly?)
Very (?w…?) words are found
by Stuart
A German delight to be bought on the street
Eaten for dinner or just as a treat
Known all around the world, wherever you go
Always tastes best with home-baked dough
by Rachel
Under the sunlight it
sits taller than the others
In a bed of clovers
It sits as a bee swarms
around it.
As a gentle wind blows it
moves from side to side.
Then sudden stillness. It
just sits there.
In the middle it is a strawberry
kind of pink.
by Rachel
Sitting over here with my
girl Angelia (?Angela?)
I sit, wait and watch, thinking
that something or someone is
Though nothing comes?
I sit here with a pen, paper
and clipboard having no
idea what I am about to
by Angela
Standing tall in the vast canopy,
small floating fingers appear.
To my astonishment, the wind comes,
But they aren’t blown away.
Looking though it’s a dress, a fiery design
to see a few waves of yellow and red.
The waves sway and shift, stand proud
as they whisper to their neighbours.
by Mary
Curling, twisting and turning
watching the river come back into view
Drifting and swerving
Toward a place that is new.
Further into the unknown
A place unmarked.
For this future artist
This place has potential
For the cliffs, the trees, or even the
mountain top.
Sitting here starting to rhyme
But it’s finally at the end of
by Nathan
I sit down I’ve just finished walking,
I try to listen to these strangers talking,
There’s too much to see, too much to hear,
I close my eyes for a sec, it all becomes clear,
The ants are marching in a line,
My eyes close again, now I’m blind,
Singing are the birds,
it starts to flow, it’s words,
I write it down, the paper’s white,
My eyes open, it’s back, it’s sight,
I’m done now, it’s near the end,
but my journey hasn’t reached its last bend.
The River crossing
by Liliahna
She cascades down her elder’s back,
Then meets her love at last
The two intertwine
Then hit and divide
Searching for each other again.
Just hearing the sounds of birds
by Unknown
The moment I saw we were coming
here I said I have been here before.
With the sounds of the birds making
noises and the animals around me
is like I am at a forest.

This moment I am with my
cousin Britney. There are so
many awesome things around me
like animals, trees, rock, people, sits(?),
Birds and cliffs.
Meg D.
by Meg
Broken, scattered, shattered, torn.
I see few things that still
co-exist with each other in harmony,
especially these certain objects.
Someone, perhaps a farmer,
or maybe an ogre,
or even just Mother Nature herself,
has come along and crashed,
maybe even cut these things,
that were once starkly beautiful,
standing on their own,
once seen as vivid beauty and
immortality are now
just tossed aside like a giant’s plaything.
They were once protruding
tall and proud,
But now as though they have been
trampled by a crowd.
Though once the most important things,
it’s as though through each generation
these complex producers have become second
to anything new.
Will these lifelines be cut short?
How will we survive?
When will this madness stop,
Or will it never cease?
by Meg
As the journey began,
I turn to the window,
I watch as the landscape changes,
From gloomy greys and boring blacks
to glorious greens and bright blues.
Then as we come to a fork in the road,
We turn into a quiet tranquil place
where nature prevails against
the artificial sounds of society.
by Meg
I see a wall of vines and I think
climb, climb, climb,
But I hesitate,
Will it hold my weight?
What will be my fate?
Britney’s Poem
by Britney
This moment I am talking to
Sarah my cuz she is writing
about what’s happening.
There are something things around
us like trees, rocks, sticks, green
things, birds making awesome
sounds and big cliffs.
The moment I hear birds (?serping)
Kangaroos jumping, big cliffs, people talking
and all different sounds.
by Unknown
Nick is rapping he is very good at rapping
I love his rapping.
He’s telling us about sad thing and
He’s rapping about sad things because
it’s for us.
by Sarah B
As I stand, immersed in nature
The birds chirping, leaves crunching
under my feet
Feeling the texture of rocks & leaves
Amazed by it all.
Exploring, going deeper into the bush,
leaving all your worries
by Conor
Below, bottomless pit trying to swallow you
Like the unseen undertow.
Above, the building begins
to conquer the crevass again.
They start to build the uncomfortable span
They do it because they know they can.
Steel, wood or concrete?
A pity they cannot compete
With the land before them, incomplete.