Bumpy Musty Slow: The Tram Ride – Croydon Public School, 2012 – Group Poem

When the tram is moving there is a wire
that is always at the back
of the tram.
Inside the tram
there are a lot of posters
It was wet
when I sat on the seat
musty smelling          slow mover
funny engine noises   old posters
I heard a ding ding sound.
I looked out the window and saw the highway.
I saw that the tram was blue.
The seats were brownish, yellow.
outside blue colours
ding ding
very bumpy and
the seat was squishy.
I was very happy.
bumpy tram: exciting noisy squishy smelly          
fun       old      
long     slow
It felt bumpy and rough.
The seats were wooden.
old       tall
slow    heavy
and strong
It felt a bit
bumpy yet smooth
musty smelling          funny engine noises
old posters                flipping seats
On the tram I felt like
I was on a camel
because the tram was slow.
small wheels  slow mover
ding ding
it says to me
track follower   big mover    rail rider
Blue outside
green outside
tiny wheels