Bomaderry High School, 2014 – Student Poems

Letter to the Future
by B. Hayward
To the future,
We are human,
Destruction is our nature,
We are human,
our habits are the water
in the river of chaos,
We are human,
We believe we grow like mighty trees,
but society is the axe of folly
We are human,
look at us, learn from us, learn from us,
Keep our camaraderie, not our habits,
It’s time of real change
We are human,
Race or religion is not a barrier,
War or hatred shall be archaic,
learn from history, do not live it,
It’s time for change
We are human.
Letter to the Future
by Abbey P.
Dear Future,
I hope that we can develop more tolerance
for each other. I hope we can accept everyone
no matter what their background, race, religion,
sexuality and sexual orientation is.
I hope we can respect & accept each other for
whatever choices that other people make as long
as it isn’t hurting or offending anyone.
I hope one day we don’t see race or religion as a
barrier, and we can realise that we can connect with
everyone on so many other levels without having
to be from the same place or believe in the same things
Abbey P.
Letter to the Future
by Anonymous
To Miss Future,
How are you?
May I ask?
I hope that you’re happy
I hope that you’re well
I hope that this dry spell
of misdirection
has passed
I hope that you reached your destination
Wherever that may be
And that
the dark tunnel
of the unknown
was not as cold
and unforgiving
as it he seems
Please reply
A postcard when you can
One that says
‘Everything is OK’
and that we find
our way
Yours sincerely,
Miss Present
Message to the future
by Anonymous
Hope to change
People –    greedy, selfish ways and how they get everything they want.

            –       I want them to be able to explore the land, 

experience nature and the outdoors,
the feeling of not having everything
and still being able to live life.
Hope not to change
Environment –     beautiful sceneries, land, nature
                     –       people exploring the world and see what it has to offer.
Letter to the Future
by Anonymous

Dear Future
A world that is unforgiving as it’s self centered
I hope that changed
A world that cares more about the money
in their pockets than love
I hope that changed
A world that controls everything from war to love
I hope that changed
To a world that is both blind and deaf
to the cries from the poor and broken
I hope that changed
But one more thing…
Do we still have hope?
by Bethany O.
All poverty and “peace”
all the land rights and poisoned politicians,
poisoned with greed and an intense desire for more!
My head hurts from the injustice of the situation,
the people dragged down by just the wrong society.
The world can be better than this.
If we do nothing but
Listen to the hurt, listen to the poor,
listen to the greedy, listen to the needy.
Only after we know, only after we realise
that this land is not healing,
it’s still beaten,
it’s still torn.
We need to work together,
only then we will learn.
Letter to the Future
by Anonymous
To those who have ears to listen, hearts to feel, and eyes to see.
May you remember what we’ve forgotten.
Letter to the Future
by Anonymous
Those of tomorrow,
Remember the white and green against off shades of rock and stone.
Remember the red and brown and orange
of spring leaves falling over green moss.
Remember our Earth. The place we call home,
this planet of being that feeds and nurtures us. Earth.
Remember the green rolling hills,
the rocky ridges that cover deep valleys.
Keep our world green.
The shades of colour showcase who we are.
Love yourself. See the colours that bloom inside of you.
See the love and power you hold.
Feel it.
Don’t waste your future.
Remember the past.
Don’t dwell in your hearts for what’s been.
You are who you are and will be who you will be.
Be grateful not forgetful.
Peace out.
Fender Recollections
by Anonymous
You are like the daylight,
diluted in small sips
Fragrant, soft and subtle
flushed cheeks
sweet lips
The lady of the springtime
passed against my lips
All my love,
Letter to the Future
by Anonymous
I hope things change.
I hope you realize that things
don’t need to stay the same,
innocent people being blamed
for the things they didn’t even initiate.
Society does not define you.
Be your own you—the one you’re proud of.
We should all stand as one
No more wars, world peace and fun.
Why are we still allowing racism?
It needs to stop right now.
We need to embrace everyone
no matter what skin colour they convey.
We are all human at the end of the day.
Letter to the Future
by Anonymous
Remember us kindly.
Our faces. Our thoughts.
Our voices.
The society we formed runs
on soulless greed,
but remember our innocence.
We try, laugh, break, and cry
Love, breathe, live, and die.
Remember us kindly.
by G. George
Queen, king, praise!
Kill, destroy, raise!
Beauty is not what it seems
Depression is non-existent
in different means.
Right there, the word;
nothing changes, only burns.
Who are you to serve it on a plate
to make it shine, don’t appreciate.
The beauty is in the spaces,
not in the holes.
– G. George