Territory – Anne Apanski

As if we have a lease on territory
water dreams the newly married girl gushing water
like a country on the sea is carried a planet of people floating in the night/light yet,
there is certainly unaccounted for luminescence on the horizon
the humans are floating, it’s packed to the gills
creatures from the sea floor rise to the surface
and light the way
if someone might come
wading in the lightly licking seas

tablelands earth is changing
more light here and there, more light in general
but cannot see the stars their light has sunk
the sea and the sea has floated to the top
bringing it’s million year corpses
this happens every season People used to fish here
the tiny winter fish gleam with silver hope in this frosty harbour
there is no more beautiful place in the world to wait
to be saved

there is no saviour
to dream at the eastern sun rising
backstroke home on beams of black. Young lovers
smile at each other as they enter the sea
near tears eyes mingling with the butting jellyfish
all breaststroke to Turkey.