Along Terrigal Beach – Brian Purcell

   Needing more cash to get the fish
   I walk via the beach
   dark cloud, fat drops of rain
   seagulls and some hooded terns
   awkward among the weed
   as the sun cracks through the cloudbank
   the headland to the right
   a neglected transparency
   but someone flicks a switch
   on a lightbox
   and we remember
   against the darkness
   the resurrected birds
   white and swooping
   seated at the quarried ledge
   I remember
   breaking the news to my mother
   as my wife, unconcerned
   prepared to cook
   the other headland
   darkly wooded
   catches the light
   and a thin, high-tech lighthouse –
   a white arrow embedded
   at its centre
   and you across the world
   the white world outside
   a frozen empty space
   and words like gulls