All Saints Grammar School, 2012 – Student Poems

Luna Park
Jamison M.
The humongous head at the entrance
It is almost as if
it’s welcoming you
With arms opened wide
As you walk in
You are swamped with different sounds
And you just canot wait
To get on your first ride
Luna Park never sleeps and is always lively
Everywhere you look
Wonderful colours fill the area
Side to side


Rookwood Cemetery
Peter L.
I observe!
A Buddhist Crematorium
And I think,
Am I treading on the ashes of the dead?
And the road continues
I see undertakers, lowering coffins without compassion
I see builders logging surrounding bushland
Eliminating the neighbouring golf course
The Disappearing!
Amongst this bush I see a headstone
With a dense crack in the middle
And, instantaneously I am reminded of the
Ten Commandments
Did he break them to deserve this fate?
And now
As I near the end of my journey
I exit my vehicle
I walk down the Greek Orthodox aise
S46, S47, S48 and…
Finally I stare down at my influence
my teacher
my best friend
my grandmother
my yiayia
My necropolis


Felicia S.
Holy life
Holy the visions of a sanctuary
Experiencing the unimaginable
Holy eternity to the immortal souls
The unthinkable, supernatural essence
Surrounding a place with such godly power
Superstitions overpowered
By the holy, the holy
Overpowered by superstition our souls overpowered by holy time
St George Stadium
Evan M.
Walking past the changerooms
Hearing the noises of the teams getting ready
To play
The intensity of their
voices and
The passion they demonstrate
The view of the luscious green grass
through the rooms
surrounded by the smell of hot dog wraps
The atmosphere of the crowd
With enthusiasm as the first goal is scored
Looking around to the grandstand and supporters
To see them emerge from their seats
To celebrate and
Getting frustrated and emotional when something goes the opposing way
They witness the skill of young talent
Playing on the one and only
St George Stadium


Andrea V.
The sun is rising
And the waves are
Washing away the footsteps
We make on the sand
The tranquil essence in the air is upon us
Walking and talking about our surroundings
My dad and I connecting
Like the salt in the water
The memories which will never be forgotten
but will cease to appear again
The experience and adventure
Of entering the cold, wavy water
In the early mornings
Of the day
No Escape
Vicky O.
Every second day is a reoccurrence
The essence of the smell
Is unlike any other
Suffering is evident
Even though they may not know it
There is no escape for them now
One smile can turn everything around, even
For a split second


Fisher Library
Timothy S.
suffering, imprisonment
The home of the learned astronomer
Also the one who heard him
The grandeur confronting yet comforting mazes of shelves
Staircases leading infinitely away
The sound of rain as fingers stroke keypads
Pages flicker
 You run your finger down the spines of books
Sensing the history…learning…
And adventure within
You take down a book
Open it up
Images fly at you
Shattering the silence
You are thrust into the author’s mind
See through the eyes of the illustrator
Humanity’s achievements
A generation’s ouvre displayed before you
At the library
The Image of Watson’s Point
Georgio K.
Watson’s Point
Beautiful relaxing Watson’s Point
The sound of the waves reaching out to the sand
Then slowly being dragged back to the ocean
Back and forth
Back and forth
The scent of fish and chips
The smell of the salt the oil and vinegar
The sun slowly descending
To end the day
The vibrant colours of the sunset
Reminding you the day is over


Scarborough Park
Lara B.
A place of memories and feeling
A place of failure and success
A place of fun and Sport
A place of family and friends
A place of dreaming and reality
This is my park
Scarborough Park
All Saints Church Belmore
Dimitrios S.
Pray in it with faith
Feel its power and use it
For the benefit of other humans
Live in it lest you be in the cold dark
Of the outside
Let it be like a ship
Let it drive your life
Offer others the opportunity to use this model as well
Defend your church and do not let its image
Be defiled
Remember that you your church
Is not
About rules
It is a way of life
Clothed in the Beauty of St Mary’s
Peter S.
Amid the hustle and bustle of secular city life
Lies the city’s precious gem
St Mary’s
A place for a man’s soul to rest
Kneeling in front of Him
Our lord and saviour
Listening to the chiming bells ring out above
Gazing upon the Heavenly windows
A man finds strength to his soul
From the early settlers
To the modern business man
Men come
And lonely
And leave with the strength to fight another day
The strength flows from Him
Humbled in the flesh of the life-giving host..
And clothed in the beauty of St Mary’s


Yarra Bay – Another World
Melina K.
A sanctuary fit for a child’s fairytale dreaming
Whispers of the mellow bay
stands as still as pure
White grains of salty sand
fill the mountainous dunes
Feel the sun soak beneath the palm of your hands
So homeless, safe isolated
To share a dunk with an enemy
Yet so friendly not to string or bite its fellow company
Explore your imagination as far as the lonely caves
And the peek across to another world
So busy, yet so close
To abandon the scene of reality
And relax in a precious place
Surely a guilty pleasure


Earlwood Oval
Peter X.
Like the roar of a lion
Comes the roar of the crowd
That sensational feeling
When your team scores the goal
That wins the game
The tense atmospheric setting
That nothing can compare with
On that luscious green grass
Great football is witnessed
The football of young talent
That will conquer the world with its skills
Nothing can compare
Dreams will begin and dreams will be made
On this one park
Earlwood Oval
The Towers
Natalie T.
For astronomy lovers
Use the Towers to view the stars
Get an insight on the history
of the building
Admire the unique structure
of the mansion
Breathe in the fresh air provided by the grounds
the eerie beauty of the place
The legacy of the building will forever live on
***The Towers of All Saints Grammar School, located at 31 Forsyth Street, Belmore, was built in 1888 by David Jones, an amateur astronomer.  According to his descendants, he built The Towers to view the stars.
The Towers is a two storey brick Victorian Rustic Gothic mansion with a slate roof and front porch. The building is adorned with intricate wooden carvings, decorations and finials, and fortress-like battlements, similar to early castles of England, on the balcony off what used to be the main bedroom.
The entrance to the Towers is through a timber door off a tiled veranda and the interior is extremely elaborate. The heritage listed building contains marble fire places, a spiral staircase and upstairs rooms which are now used as classrooms.
Our school, All Saints Grammar, the current home of The Towers, is surrounded by streets named after the son of the owner of The Towers. He died in battle during World War I on 6th May, 1918 and his name was Robert Archibald (Roy) Forsyth. His burial site is at the Boisguillaume Communal Cemetery in Rouen, France.
The Towers building is held in high sentimental regard by all students, parents and teachers of our school. Whether it is the flags that fly everyday, symbolising our Greek-Australian heritage, the feeling of historical anticipation that is felt every time you climb the spiral staircase, or the thrill of standing two storeys high looking at a picturesque view of the city of Sydney, The Towers gives each individual something different. However, there is one thing that The Towers gives us all, and that is pride. Pride for our history, pride for a background and pride for being able to attend such an amazing and invaluable building on a daily basis.  Let us and The Towers forever “Stand Well”, the School’s motto
– student, Peter L.