Adelaide Watching from the Blue Fog – Jiahui Wu

Bring back rain winter and not daffodils
return in hands strewn gum leaves blue backed and red green spotted
snake around arm through arm’s embrace
rain on cloud and mist through drizzle
the descent into home the square corners and long narrow strips
eyes drowse but souls blaze the flame familiar
heartening warm woods the make-shift unbreakable
cold rails carrying everything watch for feeling look from eye to eye
spare no less one temperate blessing as striving for more and better.

Author’s note:

Adelaide as seen from the sky: Flying into the place of home after leaving for time, the lack, the overabundance, the grids and straight as arrows, the diagonals and cross-beams, no apses, no elation welcomed us, the gray and withdrawn as we expected, lay for us like a lagoon, very still, and we almost wanted to cry at its sight.