A Quiet Moment – Caroline Eisenhauer

Muffled hustle and bustle

a boy in a shed

a girl with an idea in her head

mum at work

Library’s quiet

dust motes float

Books are closed

Regimental stacks salute me

Silent void awaiting an arrival

A cough, a whisper

Do you hear me?

It’s a literate choice in this place

A to Z, history to romance

local, topical, thematical

print and electronic, the old and the new

Knowledge of nations, community hub

wise and worldly, friendly and helpful

Here to serve your informational needs.

The Saturday crowd rushes in

boot up, drop in, print out, check out

Technology slows

brain is drained, voices are strained

A never ending dialogue of information to consume and regurgitate

Excuse me Miss

Do you know?

who wrote

where is

how to photocopy, scan and send

renew, reserve, read and use IT?

Go online, look it up

Little bit late

Don’t close down

Not ready yet!

Save As file

Cc to self

Sign out, log off

Regain repose.