A Memory to Make You Believe in a Moment – Jack Wong

I am a planet orbiting around the memory of a star,
The memory of you,
The memory of how I felt that day when I couldn’t say goodbye,
The memory of the hours spent talking in the front seat of my car,
I wonder do you think of those hours too?

Maybe some part of me hopes that I may one day stumble upon
Some combination of words that will make you love me,
That will make you fall for me,
That will make you call for me,
Then I’d run to you and we could live happily ever after.

But I don’t believe that will ever come true,
Not the way that I believe in you,
Not the way I believe in your smile,
Not he way I believe in your heart,
In the bottomless depths of your compassion,
So I don’t need it to.

Although it’s hard to know that you don’t love me,
It never hurts,
Because from the moment we first met I have only know one thing to be true,
That in every moment since I have never stopped loving you,
In every moment yet to come this will never cease to be true.